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Forthcoming title Rogue: Art of a Garden featured on The Planthunter


Musk Cottage garden is maverick designer Rick Eckersley’s own private garden. It is the culmination of decades of experimentation in Australian landscape gardening and an emphatic expression of the loose, almost painterly approach to landscape design that Eckersley is renowned for.

Rogue: Art of a Garden documents and explores this remarkable Australian landscape and the sensibility that produced it.

Ahead of the publication of Rogue in early 2020, The Planthunter spoke to Rick about his vision for Musk.

“In designing Musk, I wanted to break new territory but stay within the profile of the Australian landscape – I just tipped it upside down, pulled it apart and restitched it. My guiding principle was planting design that looked as though it could have occurred naturally.” – Rick Eckersley

Read the full interview here. Preorder your copy of Rogue: Art of a Garden here.

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